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How to Play Toto Draw Sbobet

How to Play Toto Draw Sbobet - For some online betting lovers, this game might be familiar with a game called Toto Draw. The game itself similar to a lottery, but you don't need to spend a lot of time drawing. You can play the game every minute with various types of bets.

The minimum bet on this game is quite cheap. For only Rp. 5,000, you can try your luck at getting a few wins in a short amount of time. You could say the toto draw game is almost similar to the lottery because it has a large multiplication value. Many players are interested in playing this game because the prizes are quite large, visit the site Sbobetpress.

When entering the game, the dealer will give you 50 seconds to determine your bet choice and the number of bets you want to place. Here are the types of betting games that you can play as follows.

  • Hi-Lo In this option, you are required to choose between 3 choices, Hi for numbers 100 - 201, Middle for numbers 107 - 109, and Ion for choices of numbers 15 - 106 in the game.
  • Rainbow Color In this choice there are 3 colors that you can choose. You can choose the selected color in blue, yellow and green. Next you choose how many will appear and will show numbers from 0 to 6. For example, you choose number 3, to win you must have 3 yellow bubbles appear.
  • Odd / Even In this option you will be given 2 choices, Odd for the odd and even for the even.
  • Last Color You will be given a choice of 1 of the 4 colors provided namely blue, green, yellow, and red that will come out.
  • Finall Ball You can try your luck here by guessing what number will come out in the last ball.
  • Lotto Almost the same as Final Ball, where Lotto can choose more than one number, the more numbers that come out the greater the pay. Every time you choose 1 number, it will be charged according to the bet, for example, you choose 3 numbers with a 50,000 bet, then the total boss bet is 150,000.
  • Total Just like Hi-Lo, here you are given 4 choices to choose namely under 84, 84 to 107, 108 to 132 and more than 132.
  • First Ball or Last Ball Select First or Last, you guess the number that is bigger than the first ball or the last ball. First is the first ball number must be greater than the second ball number. Whereas Last is the second ball number must be greater than the first ball number

That's all the article about How to Play Toto Draw Sbobet was made. Hopefully the guides we make are usually useful for you all. You can also read other articles such as the Sbobet link

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Types Of Lottery Games In Online Games

This type of free poke game is if you win then you have the opportunity to choose one number that you can choose for example: If you choose number 7 with a bet value of 100 and the result of the number that comes out is 7890 then you will win this free poke bet with calculation 100 x 1.55 = 155 value of the bet you will get, but if you lose, you only need to pay 100 - Disk 4.50 = 95 you have to pay.

1. Install in Macau (Install 2 Numbers)

Click the menu according to the plug choice above Macau or 2 digits. The game for installing Macau is almost the same as the game for installing Free, only the difference is that the player chooses two numbers in a position where 4 numbers have at least 2 numbers of your choice.

For example, you choose number 7 with a bet value of 100 and choose a Macau number or connect two numbers 8 and 9 then enter the number available in the table column.

If the number that comes out is 8890 then you will win with a calculation of 100 x 6.5 = 650.
If the number that comes out is 8890 then you will win with a calculation of 100 x 12 = 1,200.
If the number that comes out is 8890 then you will win with a calculation of 100 x 18 = 1,800.
But if you lose the number to pay is 100 - Disc 14.50 = 85.5.

2. Install the Dragon (3 digits)

Please select the menu available in the column of your choice to choose Plug Dragon. Similar to the Macau plug and the free plug here, plug the dragon, you choose 3 numbers that will be contained in the 4 digits that come out.

Example: If you choose the number 789 and enter that number in the available column, the calculation is:

If the number that comes out is 7890 then you win with a calculation of 100 x 25 = 2,500.
If the number that comes out is 7899 then you win with a calculation of 100 x 37 = 3,700.
But if you lose the number that must be paid is 100 - Disc 11.50 = 88.5

3. Install Sharp

Choose from the menu options available at the right plug, the 4 numbers that come out in each lottery have their order, the example that comes out is 6789 numbers.
6 = As
7 = Header
8 = Chief
9 = Tail

In the Sharp Plug in game you choose the number you want to choose and guess where the number will come out, for example if you choose Place right at number 7 in the Tail position and then in the column provided enter your number and bet value in the Tail column, if it is true that comes out on 4 numbers there are 7 in the tail position which is 4567 then you will win if you enter 100 then it will be at x 8 = 800.
But if you lose you will be deducted 100 - Disc 5.50 = 94.5.


4. Big Small or Odd

For this game guide, please select the menu in the column available on the menu and the bet amount and win amount is 50:50.
Large = 50-99
Small = 00-49
Even = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
Odd = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

If you want to place a small or even large plug then as before you are placing the desired bet in the head column because big or small is determined by the numbers that come out on the head. But if you want to choose even odd games then fill in the fields in the Tail, because it is the tail that determines the odd even numbers.

As an example:
If the player places a Big then you have to do it ie fill in the desired amount of bets in the head column and click on the big column.
If the number that comes out is 50-99 you will win, but if it comes out 00-49 then you will lose and have to pay 100 - Disk 1.50 = 98.5.

5. Shio Lottery

There is a guide to how to play Shio is a method of finding zodiac numbers in 2D positions with zodiacs mentioned in the Chinna calendar where each zodiac has one number. Every year the order is different, we take the sample order of numbers in 2018:
Zodiac Number Names
Dog 01
Chicken 02
Monkey 03
Goat 04
Horse 05
Snake 06
Dragon 07
Rabbit 08
Tiger 09
Buffalo 10
Mouse 11
Pig 12

Just like that, we can explain how to play online lottery on the site of a sbobet trusted agent. Hope this will be helpful and you will get multiple benefits from this trusted sbobet agent.