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Step How to Register and Play Online Lottery

This article will explain how to play online lottery from the start until making a bet, and you will be given the full knowledge to register an account on the online lottery site.

The first thing you have to know is steps to choose the best online lottery game site in Indonesia There are 2 things you need to do before you can play Indonesian lottery games online and get all the benefits that are prepared.

Find The Best and Most Trusted Online Lottery Site

This is the first thing you need to do, you have to play on the best and most trusted sites so you don't experience any disadvantages in playing lottery online, can enjoy the thrill of playing lottery online, can get big profits every day and so all your winnings are paid full of fast processes.

There is one trusted and best site that has become a trusted site since 2010 which has several thousand members playing online lottery sites. What admin talked about is site Betberry which is have been serve thousand member of play in indonesia, Betberry also proven become the best trusted online gambling provide other game than online lottery, such as slot joker123, casino joker123, sportsbook, bola tangkas, and many more.

After you get the best and most trusted online lottery site, all you need to do after that is do account registration so you can play lottery online on that site. How to move the list?

It's really easy and simple, plus if you do registration.

The process is complete in 1 minute and account registration is FREE. Let's just use the toggle account steps to make it easier.

  1. The first thing you need to do when you want to register is to visit the site via google or by logging in directly to our site address.
  2. Press or click the list menu, because you can register yourself via cellphone or computer.
  3. Fill in all data - the data contained in the form, the name on the account and account number must be registered in your own name and in accordance with your account, so as not to run wrong when working on the transaction.
  4. Fill in the telephone number must also be with your own number and an active number so that when there is info can be given directly to you until you still know the latest info.
  5. Social media contact is better for you to use Whats App because it makes data content easier and more is used.
  6. After the contents of the contact, therefore you press the list at the bottom, after waiting for some time so your account is ready and ready to use.
  7. After the account is ready to use, make an initial deposit to later be used to play Soccer Online gambling and lottery online.

You can do registration via live chat on the right side of this article. Live chat that is still active 24 hours to help all members and prospective members. And by registering via live chat it's getting faster and easier.

After your account is ready and ready to use, therefore make an initial deposit via live chat, later you will be helped by live chat, how to deposit steps.

  • After the deposit that you have stated has entered into your account, the hilly is login or login, using the account that you have just created.
  • After logging in, you just select which game you want to play.
  • Account Register Steps and Steps to Play Indonesian Online lottery
  • After you choose the game, place the bet you want before doing the re-write.

You better play with a minimum bet so that your chances of getting Jackpot are greater and can play longer.

After confirming the bet, you only need to press the re-write button for one turn or make sure you want to auto-re-write the number of times.

Hopefully the information above can lead you to register an account on a trusted and best site, so there is an idea of ​​how to play lottery online too.

If there is a partner who is confused about how to register and play the lottery online, chances are you can tell the following steps to your partner too, or you can play lottery online.

See below video, we have simple it using video to make you understand more easy :